Nurture marketing and social media strategy

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Make marketing meaningful

At End Result Marketing, we’re experts in customer-focused marketing strategy and execution. We help educate, engage and differentiate to create an environment where your business thrives. We specialize in nurture marketing and social media. Why?

Our tag-team approach generates 14-17 times more sales leads than traditional marketing. No other marketing is as cost-effective.

The sales process has changed. Most of us educate ourselves about products now.
Adjust: Enter the conversation. Nurture potential. Generate sales.

What can you do with these tools?

Cultivate affinity for your business

Think of nurture marketing as Miracle-Gro* for sales. Over time, it strengthens and grows roots that connect customers and feed your business. New customers, already familiar with your content and how you can help, reach out to you first. The mere mention of your product category brings your company to mind.

When you nurture customers’ success, you harvest long-term relationships.

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nurture marketing (nŭr´chər mär´kit´ing) n. educational promotion designed
to improve customer outcomes and cultivate affinity for a business

Engage in valuable conversation

We’re social creatures, and communication has always been important to business. But something unusual happened surrounding the Internet revolution: the rise of social media and the comeback of two-way conversation.

Social media participants cross-pollinate ideas. Businesses that develop a unique, authentic voice will wield influence, build trust and rank prominently among potential customers.


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Nurture marketing is more than just a strategy, it’s a philosophy—one that blends perfectly into the rich landscape of social media. Give us a call, or e-mail us—Harness the power of nurture marketing and social media with End Result Marketing.

*Miracle-Gro is a registered trademark of The Scotts Company, LLC.